BuddyNotes gives you the ability to create separate notes for each member on your site.

Profile Screen
Profile Screen

On each Member Profile screen:

  • notes can be created and edited via the ‘Notes’ tab
  • each note starts with the admin’s name and a timestamp
  • the ‘Notes’ tab and the notes are only visible to site admins and those granted access

An admin screen is also provided, under ‘Tools’.

Admin Screen

The admin screen includes option settings that allow you to:

  • specify the roles that can access BuddyNotes
  • select to display a simple set of user stats under the notes form on a profile
  • view a sortable and searchable list of all notes
  • only site admins can see the ‘Assign User Roles and ‘Member Stats’ options

If your BuddyPress site has a lot of members, BuddyNotes can be very helpful.
If your BuddyPress site has more than one site admin or multiple site moderators, BuddyNotes is essential.

BuddyNotes requires WordPress 3.5 or higher and BuddyPress 1.6.5 or higher.



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