This is a Dashboard-only plugin that lets you create Google charts for all data aspects of your BuddyPress members.

Here is the initial options screen. As you make choices, more options will appear.

Initial options
Initial options

This is a chart created after selecting Data Type > Activity. You can select as many Activity data types as you like.

Activity Types - Line Chart
Activity Types – Line Chart

With another click, you can show the same data as a Stacked Bar Chart.

Activity - Stacked Bars
Activity – Stacked Bars

This is a chart created from the Members Type > Top 10. You can select any activity type.

Members > Top 10
Members > Top 10

You can also create charts for:

  • single members by entering their login name
  • single groups by selecting a group from an auto-populated list

And there’s more…

  • You can save & download a chart as a png image
  • As an administrator, you decide who can access BuddyReports
Control role access to BuddyReports
Control role access to BuddyReports
  • Each profile page in the dashboard will display basic stats, near the bottom of the page, for that user
Basic stats on a user profile page

BuddyReports is a very flexible reporting tool.  It can help you mine the data you already have and then make decisions about your social site.

BuddyReports requires WordPress 3.5 or higher and BuddyPress 1.8 or higher.



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