Give your users the power to decide who can see and interact with them on your site.

BuddyBlock provides a button to allow a user to block another user from their profile screen.

On profile pages, the ‘Block’ button appears on the right

Block buttons also appear on the Members page and all Group Members pages.

Block buttons on the Members page

Each member will have a profile page, under Settings > Blocked Members, that shows all members that they are blocking.  And allows them to hide any existing Member Types.  Hidden Member Types will not appear in the Members Directory.  And they cannot visit your profile page.

caption here
The Profile Screen

Once you have blocked a member, they:

  • cannot see any of your BuddyPress activity on the site.
  • cannot send or reply to a message – they will get a custom error notice
  • cannot visit your profile page – they will be sent to the home page
  • cannot see you on the Members page or a Group Members page
  • cannot send you a friendship request
  • will no longer be your friend, if that friendship existed

If the site admin has selected the ‘Visibility’ option ( see below ), you will not see the member on the Members or Activity screens.

If you change your mind, ‘UnBlock’ them with the click of a button.

BuddyBlock includes an admin screen, under ‘Settings’ to give site admins full control…

caption here
The top half of the admin screen
caption here
The bottom of the admin screen

BuddyBlock provides essential functionality for your users.
Let the members of your community moderate each other!

Note: only BuddyPress content is blocked. If you block another member, you will still see their WordPress posts and any comments they make on WordPress posts.

BuddyBlock requires WordPress 4.0 or higher and BuddyPress 2.2 or higher. It is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress.

Your purchase includes a single site License Key that provides support and automatic Update Notices for one year.



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