Member addresses can be important even vital for BuddyPress sites.

You can provide separate profile fields for City, State, etc.  But that means increasing the number of profile fields.  And users prefer short forms.

Or you can provide a single field.  But then you’ll get a wide variety of input from your members.  For example, City may be entered as Los Angeles or LA or misspelled or etc.

This plugin uses a single field for a location.  And that field will use the Google Places API Autocomplete feature.  As the member types, Google will provide several complete and verified addresses.

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Autocomplete Example

The user’s selection will then be saved in a uniform manner as a single searchable string.  The string will include the postal code, if available.

You can create multiple location fields and include them on the registration form.  They will also work if you edit Extended Profiles in wp-admin.

Creating a location field is done in the same manner as any other profile field:
wp-admin > Users > Profile Fields > Add New Field

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Add a Location profile field

This plugin includes support for:

  • the BuddyPress Profile Search plugin, version 4.7.8 or higher, so you can search specifically on a location field
  • multisite


When a member selects a verified address, Google also provides the latitude and longitude, or GeoCode, for that address.  The GeoCode can be used for many things, such as Maps and ‘Near By’ searches.

Any map solution will load much faster if Geocodes are already provided.  Every time you create a Location field, you will have the option of also creating a GeoCode.

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GeoCode option when creating a profile field

This plugin does NOT include:

  • maps
  • an interface for creating maps

For Member Maps, please see:  BP Maps for Members

For Group Maps, please see:  BP Maps for Groups


BP xProfile Location requires WordPress 4.0 or higher and BuddyPress 2.0 or higher. It is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress.

Note: If you are not using our BP Maps for Members or BP Maps for Groups, you will need to paste your Google key directly into a .php file. Please see the BP xProfile Location readme.txt for instructions. If you don’t have a free Google Maps API Keyhere is a tutorial on how to get one.

BP xProfile Location


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    Your screenshot indicates that your Google Maps API key is missing or malformed. Or there is a conflict due to the use of Google Maps by some other code on your website. Your browser’s javascript console will provide more info.

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